Why emigrate to Pattaya

Why emigrate to Pattaya? Wich are the reasons to live in Pattaya? What makes Pattaya perfect to emigrate?

Medical supply, contact with Europeans, the availability of low-priced imported goods and European, Asian and American food are just a few reasons that speaks for Pattaya. A good medical care is important! I can´t emphasize that clearly enough. Health is the most precious commodity we have. In Pattaya there are a countless of doctors, clinics and hospitals. The most of them are well English speaking. There are even clinics and doctors where you can muddle through with German and English. What you need is a health insurance. For since Thailand is rather different than Europe, America or other western countries. Because in an emergency (accident, ect.) they checked first if the patient is solvency before they care.

Another important is keep the contact with home people for most long term expats. Because of the cultural differences to the Thais are still very large. In your holiday that all is very exciting. In everyday life, however, it can be very stressful. People live in Pattaya from almost all countries. That offers a very wide range of food and imported goods in Pattaya. I myself love Thai food over all. But you can´t imagine how delicious can be a simple sandwich with cheese after weeks or months of abstinence. In Pattaya you will never have a problem to get food of any nation or variation. These are all reasons that make Pattaya a favorite for dropouts. Then there are the seemingly endless possibilities that this city offers a unique nightlife, the famous ladies, sights and attractions. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is always something going on here. Out of the crowd of Pattaya there were many beautiful islands like Koh Lan, Koh Samet and Koh Chang are just a short ride from Pattaya.