Pattaya Soi 6

The Soi 6 is really just a small soi between Beach Road and Second Road . However, a good 60 bars were housed in this small area . There are not like in Thailand otherwise typical open-air bars, as you could see all around . There are more small pubs, bars and Gogos in which one goes into it. In every bar there are room s, so- called Short Time Rooms , in which one can disappear with the ladies. Thus, the Soi 6 has its own flair. Infront of each bar are usually 10-20 ladies who scream and flirt like to lure you into their bar . Once you have decided for a bar you can walk in and enjoy a drink and have fun . Pay the desire for more , then it goes up to have fun there into the climated Short Time Rooms. Normally you pay around 300 Baht per room for 700 baht for the lady . With 1000 baht so you have fun in the Soi 6. In Soi 6 are Short Time bars, blow job bars, gogos and ladyboy bars , so there is something for everyone.