Pattaya – prices – travel time and others

When is the best time for a trip to Pattaya? How much for holidays in Pattaya?

First off the front Pattaya is open all year for a good holiday. There are certainly differences but run into each other so that you can feel comfortable the whole year . It applies three main periods can be distinguished: - High Season - Lowseason - Midseason High Season .

The high season extends from December to February or March. Here the climate for us westen people is best. Usually no rain , relatively little humidity and warmth . According to experience, go here and most of them in the holidays. But this is also reflected in the prices. Thus, (if you do not get hold of specials ) flights normally from 700 euros to get upwards.

In the Lowseason you get easy flights from 500 € . Some hotels and apartments also suggest something on it during this period. But there are also others they offer year-round fixed prices . The Lowseason then begins slowly in April and ends around September/October . April / May is the hottest time of year , where it can be almost unbearably hot at that times , and then June to September is the rainy season.

In the rainy season it is a little humid , not quite so hot and partly cloudy . Pattaya is geographically very well located so that even in the rainy season its not raining to much. I had now been two times in the rainy season in Pattaya and it has not even rained one day through . So far if you not just go for swimming or diving to Pattaya, the rainy season is not a problem.The flights are to get from 500 euros and I have heard of Special around 400 euros . Also, many hotels are cheaper at this time . Another factor is that the girls themselves are often more nicer and quit a bit cheaper because fewer tourists there and they do not really have the choice.
The Midseason Midseason is October / November and for some March / April . March / April , I've already mentioned. In October and November are often cheap flights to have , and the hotels have mostly still Lowseason prices. The climate is usually very pleasant. Beginning of October it can still be a bit rainy or cloudy. Later than mid to end of October its usually went intoperfect weather. A little tip in October to flow again many ladies to Pattaya coz many went home during the lowseason . Also many new ones go there to get into profession before the High Season . Each of the seasons has something for themselves and I would not rule out for a holiday.