Pattaya Bar Girls

There are countless bars in Pattaya, and they are all full of women. Surely here is something for everyone.
They call you usually from a distance or try to pull you into their bar.
At the bars they converse with you or play with you pool or other games. Would you like a lady that accompanies you from the bar to your hotel you have to pay a fee its called Barfine . Meanwhile, these Barfine is almost everywhere 300 baht. Sometimes even 500 baht which is to be regarded as too expensive.
The girls then expect from you a little spending money. To go out of the way of misunderstanding, previously clarify how much she want . Here's to distinguish between ST (Short Time) and LT (Long Time).
ST = in the normal case to you once finished are and so in the time frame 1-3 hours. But are normally 500-700 baht due. Some also call 1 000 and more. Sure you can as act but I personally think it's kinda off putting action and let them rather then stand for the audacity and look for an Other .

LT = is then up to the next morning or even longer until the lady needs to work. Here are 1000-1500 baht due 1500 which are to be considered as upper limit and are more likely to be paid only in exceptional cases.
If you have a Lady for Long Time ( LT ) than of corse u pay the drinks and foods for the time u stay together just like the way you do when you have a date at home.

If tread them well the girls usually try to stay longer with you. At least if you spend a week with them , you should negotiate the price new. And a weekly rate or make a lower daily rate. Since it is so long-term care of you should be Ok for them - and it is also for most.

Two things you should keep in mind :

1 Is always paid only when she goes or should go. Except when you have her longer terms you can pay every few days a count.
2 and that's the most important thing ! ! No matter what they tell you and how sweet and nice she is to you ..... Never forget its just a business! ! She does not love you! ! even if she says it . You have to keep that always in your mind !