Moving in Pattaya

How to move in Pattaya

The moving in Pattaya is really simple. Most used are: the baht buses, motor bike taxi and a self- rented motor bike.

The baht bus

Baht Bus is a Pickup with two benches and are covered. This is the safest and a very simple way to move in Pattaya. As a Tourist in Pattaya you mainly use four main roads .

- Naklua Road
- Beach Road
- Second Road
- Walking Street

These are the four main streets of the touristy. That’s why they are first relevant for a newbie . Between these streets there are many Sois who connect them.
The Naklua Road is located in the north and flows south into the Dolphin Circle. From the Dolphin Circle the Beach Road leads down all the way along to the beach into the South Road. If you turn left into the South Road and than the next cornerleft again, than u are back on the way to the Dolphin Circle and right at the Second Road. If you cross the South Road than you are in the famouse Walking Street. The Walking Street cloth after 6pm for all Cars and there are many Clubs, Bars and other Entertainment.
The Baht Bus goes roundabout from the Dolphin Circle to Walkingstreet and back over the Second Road to Dolphin Circle.
There are hundreds of these driving baht buses. To get one is very easy. Just show your hand and when the bus stopped than get inside. In each Baht Bus is an ringing button. Push that button and the driver will stop so that u can get out.
Within these routes , you pay 10 baht for a ride per person. Should the whole Second Road up and then the whole Beach Road back down driving it comes be required prior to 20 Baht.
And sometimes it comes that the bus change the route , then simply ring the bell to get off, pay 10 baht and go into the next Baht Bus.
If you want some special route or an ride direct to your hotel than read the following guideline for prices. Before you start that ride make a fixed price with the driver!

- from Central Pattaya and Walking Street in Soi Bukao but 100 baht for the ride not per People

- from Walking Street to far to the north in Naklua 150 Baht ( again drive not related person)

Motorbike taxi

Motorbike Taxis are usual motor bikes ( scooters ) with drivers that bring u everywhere . Certainly the fastest but also often the scariest way . Many of them driving wild.
Prices are usually between 30 and 60 baht and far routes at most 100Baht.

Custom Motorbike Rentals

For much in Thailand is a must. A separate motor bike , the Thai style .
It is independent and u can go everywhere easy and quick. A tank of gas costs 150 baht and loose enough almost a week. Who makes vacation and rented a scooter should not pay more than 150 baht per day and watch the bike just before for any scratches and scuffs on record that for not getting accused later.
Helmet is mandatory and, actually, the International driver's license. Where many come through with driver's license.