Long-term holiday in Thailand

Long-term holiday in Thailand? Wintering in Thailand? Time to take a break?

Maybe it is supposed to be just an extended vacation or simply you just want escape from the cold season in your home. Or maby its just a first test for you to see if its really the right for you to live in Thailand. And long-term stays are different from the holiday vacation. The advantage of long-term stay is that it is easy to get the needed visa. For an extended stay in Thailand you can use the non immigrant visa with multiple entries. And for all others it is easy to get a tourist visa (6 months 3 entries). However, but for both ways you must make a visa run. How to do a Visa Run you can find in the menu items. The differents between your holiday and a longstay are in the costs. Probably you not stay in a hotel. Its better and much cheaper in an apartment with a monthly rent. It is of course cheaper to rent a apartment or a residential unit for rent. And the most cheapest are the unfurnished ones. You can rent an unfurnished Apartment easy for 3000 baht a month. So that the total costs including with electricity, water, internet are done with around 5000 baht. But for a Longstay its maby not needed to furnish an apartment. The right choice for the long-term stay is therefore a furnished apartment, condo or service apartment. This can easy made with 7000-15000 Baht per Month. Depending on where and how long the long-term holiday is spent, it can also be a house. Fully furnished condominiums, apartments or small houses for 10,000 - 20,000 baht a month are aviable. Far from the tourist places, it is also much cheaper to get. But I would call 10,000-15,000 baht maximum for an extended stay as a good guideline. This should include all costs like Wifi (internet) and TV. Where are those cheap accommodation in Thailand to find? Well if Google is trusted then the most places to stay are much more expensiv. There are many websites and advertisements, but at excessive prices.

The easiest way is to book a hotel for the first 3 - 5 days and go to take a look for a suitable apartment. Its nothing more easy than that in Thailand. My advice is to rent an Motorbike and drive a bit around. Many signs and advertisements are easy to see. Even the most restaurants and bars have living - Units for monthly rent. Here you can find cheap Hotels for the first days. With the right accommodation is one of the biggest steps done for the long-term holiday. The Flights are usually more expensive for a stay over 30 days. The movement is easy and cheap in Thailand. The cheapest and easiest way is an Motorbike ( Automatic Scooter ) . This can easily be rented for 3000 baht a month. Another point of saving a lot of money is when your apartment got cooking facilities. At the market or supermarket you can buy very cheap food. 1 kg meat costs depending on the variety (chicken, pork, beef) between 120-300 baht. For 500 baht you get a huge bag full with vegetables. Enough for a whole week. For the lucky men of us who have a Thai girlfriend is nothing moe neede as a pan and a ricecooker. Thats all a Thaigirls needs to cook deliciouse foods.