Ladyboys in Pattaya

What is a ladyboy / Kathoey ? How can I tell him?

The Third Sex
To be born a woman in the body of a man is to live as in most ladyboys / Kathoys the reason. In the Thai culture for decades ( centuries ) accepted , many of them work . Throughout normal professions such as teachers or Verkaueferinnen Many of the third sex in Thailand work in the Vergnuegungsvierteln the tourist centers as Cabarettaenzer / saengerinnen , many as a prostitute and Barladys . Lady Boys , if they can raise the money for such (usually a sponsor from the West ) , can be personalized with hormone treatments and plastic surgery feminine curves ( hips , breasts ) miss that really make very convincingly a complete sex change .

How do I recognize a ladyboy ?

Since there are many opinions and theories. Some of it in my upper arms and shoulders to see how others are larynx and hands. Since most Thais are built more delicate than we Europeans and the Asian facial features are feminiener it is often very difficult to detect at first or second glance whether it is male or female . The Height , big feet , larynx (if still present) and voice are clues. Usually one recognizes her at her over exaggerated female mannerisms , like the walk on Highheels and much make-up. My tip if you 're not sure , talk to her , usually you can see it on the voice.