Holiday vs. life in Thailand

What are the differences between a life and holiday in Thailand? Is my life in Thailand as easy as holidays? What changes can I expect?

Holidays are a wonderful thing. Usual you rent a nice hotels or apartment. Room service takes do the cleanup and you eat in fancy restaurants. So what are the differences when the holiday changes into life in Thailand? This question is not easy to be answered. That depends on several factors. The most important factor is the financial situation of each one of us. A pensioner can have a high enough pension that let him easily treat his self to that standard from a holiday. If you don’t have endless money then some compromise will be necessary. But honestly how looks your everyday life in home? Monday to Friday you go work right? In general now 9-10 hours per day. More and more people need even in these times a second job. And even the lucky ones who do not need a second job are on their days off so busy fixing paper, appointments or obligations. The household and cooking must be done. All coupled with the sourpuss mood and mostly bad weather. In the following I want to clear some examples of Expats. Let's start with the pensioners. My pension is enough? What do I get for my pension here in Thailand? As always, it is of course on your own needs, expectations and ideas. In principle, it is possible with a pension which gives you an unhappy life in a western country to live a very good life in Thailand.

A nice apartment or house in Thailand is easy for 10,000 - 15,000 baht (250-375 Euros at the current exchange rate of about 40) to get a month. Electricity, water, internet, ect. it should already be included. It also is possible to get it cheaper. It depends of course on the location and your wishes. If you like the Thaifood its easy to cook dishes of meat, eggs, rice and vegetables. Its healthy and delicious. You don´t need more than 5000-6000 baht (125-150 euros) a month for two people. More information of that you can find on the point cost of living. If you want to continue with your home known food, than it will cost a lot more. But if you live in places like Pattaya or Koh Samui you can install easy your own known food in your everyday life for sometimes. A short roll over show us 375 to a maximum of 525 euros a month for two people. Including a nice accommodation. I would claim that this is not possible in in the most western countries. Phone should (about 5 €) be done with 200-300 baht and toiletries with 1000 baht (about 25 €). Everything else is then up to you and up to what you want or need. You can fix it out yourself with the cost lists on this website. Dropouts and people who want to build something. The basic costs apply for these groups as well as for retirees. Only here's the problem that no firm Permanent income is available. For dropouts, the question arises then as the living can be disputed here. There are people among the living would sporadically on some island. Since it can even get by with far less money. Otherwise same as that applies also for retirees. But how do I get my livelihood? Also I have compiled some ideas on this website. People who want to build a business in Thailand should consider carefully what they want to do. And note also the legal situation. It is very difficult to own a buisness in Thailand as a foreigner. But here I will suggest ways and tips. However, my advice I you should always check it with a lawyer. I assume here no claim to accuracy or even liability in any form. The law can change from day to day and I am unfortunately not a lawyer.