Go Go Girls in Pattaya

In Pattaya , there are numerous Gogos with even more numerous dancers. Add to Gogos you have the advantage that you can see what you bring , as they dance almost nude or naked . Again, contact is quickly absorbed and it does not remain alone for Barfine. ST (Short Time) and LT ( Long Time ) rules apply as in the bar ladies Threat described . Only the prices mostly deviate slightly .
Barfine here usually is around 500 baht. But can be up to 1000 baht in some Gogos. But often it is also so that at late hour the Barfine prices fall . If you get along well with a lady you can also unremarkable change the numbers and meet up later. Also you can make an appointment for later in the disco.
Usually 1000-1500 baht for ST is called and for LT 1500-3000 baht. However, my advice is never more than 1000 baht for ST and never pay more than 1500 to 2000 baht for LT .
But it is also plenty possible that gogo girls go with you LT for 1000 Baht, particularly in the Lowseason .

If you are treated well the girls they usually tried a binding to be longer with you. At least if you spend a week with them , you should negotiate the price new. And a weekly rate or make a lower daily rate. Since it is so long-term care of you should be Ok for them - and it is also for most.

Two things you should keep in mind :

1 Is always paid only when she goes or should go. Except when you have her longer terms you can pay every few days a count.
2 and that's the most important thing ! ! No matter what they tell you and how sweet and nice she is to you ..... Never forget its just a business! ! She does not love you! ! even if she says it . You have to keep that always in your mind !