Freelancers in Pattaya

What is a Freelancer ?

Freelancer we call the girls they work for themselfs . That means women who work either in a bar or in a GoGo . Until recently , there was still the general view that the Freelancer mainly ladies are too old or are afflicted with diseases or drugs and therefore no longer able to work at a bar . In these days, you can feel more and more the trend that a lot of young ladies about to go to work as a freelancer .
This has for the ladies following advantages:
- They do not adhere to any working hours
- Not put any pressure because Lady drinks they have to sell
- it allows them to choose the customers and do not have to be told by the mamasan with whom to go
It so happens that just pretty girls that know where the rabbit long runs often decide on their own to work as freelancer coz they are free to decide themselves.
As a freshman, but you should be a little wary of freelancers . Because there are still reasons to be carefull.
The downside for us to freelancers is that they are nowhere tangible for us . If she is a theft or even worse you'll probably never see her again . In a bar or gogo girl you still have the opportunity to go to the bar or gogo where this particular, is known.
The benefits for us are that we have to pay any Barfine .

Where can you meet freelancers ?

Located on Beach Road are to be found already in the early day time. Otherwise, in any case in almost all the discos in Pattaya. But everywhere else in Pattaya too. In the restaurant , shopping malls , hairdressing and otherwise , Every imaginable situation.

What you pay for freelancers ?

I would say this is like always and everywhere to be considered case by case .
The cut should be at 1000 - 1500 Baht.
At the Beach Road you can get the Short Time already for 300 baht and at the disco , there are some super rabbits that call 3000 and up. This girls you should leave .
But for generally 500-700 Short Time and 1000-1500 for Long Time are Ok .