Emigrate to Thailand

How can I live forever in Thailand? What should I do to emigrate to Thailand? Why do so many people want to emigrate to Thailand?

The first thing for you to know is that you not really migrate to Thailand. You will always be only a guest in that country. To accept the Thai citizenship would also mean for you to give up the rights of your own citizenship. I'm assuming that most of us are not ready to go so far. Moreover, it is very hard to get Thai citizenship. Thus, the only option is located in Thailand long term residense therein and extend your visa constantly. For pensioners or with a Thai married people, it is still relatively easy to get a permanent residence permit. However, the visa runs are inevitable. Who is able to get a work permit also got the privilege to stay in Thailand as long he is holding his job. However, there are only a handful of professions that a foreigner is allowed to do. And also for these professions there are many editions. It is not easy to get a work permit in Thailand. It applies to all other with permanent visa extensions, and a departures and keep afloat. Until 2006, many have simply made a visa run every 30 days and stayed with it for years or even decades in Thailand. That is an option for many people. But not all citizens are allowed to do that way. But for the most European and Western Countries as USA it is allowed. Here on the website you can found all types of visa options for the stay in Thailand.

Another option is to attend a language school. The "students" get a kind of study visa. This can be extended up to 5 - 10 years. The plus on this way is, that it give u a lot of benefits to master the language. The first conclusion is that we must now draw that we are only guest in this beautiful country. So that means our rights are always very limited. The positive thing is to get the fewer obligations on us. So before the plan to emigrate to Thailand start you first need to be clear in what situation are. I'm retired and I have enough reserves to enable me to my life in Thailand? Do I have another way to creating an ongoing income to a relaxed living in Thailand? Could I get a job in Thailand? Or do I have a big enough capital to build something in Thailand? If that is cleared for a suitable way, the next question arises for the appropriate visa.

The next well known answers are: Do I quit my apartment? Do I log out in my home? These are also important questions that need to be clarified. Whom it should be possible to sign up to be maybe still registered in my home country at the beginning with his parents or a boyfriend / girlfriend. This brings the advantage for at least one affordable health insurance. The health insurance is an issue that should not be underestimated. The next step is to make yourself aware of exactly how is life in Thailand look like. Who wants to lead his western life in Thailand on and also wants to maintain its everyday circumstances and habits, must be well known that it will cost some more as the most people imagin. This setting should be a lot of money with more planned. However, if you want to start a new life and adapts to life in Thailand, which will show you with how little you can get so much than uyou will find a whole new world. This set reminds me of something important I've learned in Thailand. I've learned that so much of what I have always considered necessary in my life I do not need. An large apartment or a big house? In Thailand we got beautiful weather so that we are anyway most of the time outdoors. A nice car? No well I do not need that to be happy. I could give a long list here but I think my point is clear. In Thailand, I need a little money for a fancy apartment. Even if there is no 5 room apartment I can set up with all the necessities, this apartment for little money. Rice, vegetables, fruit and meat are fresh and also to have at minimal prices. The section is cost of living highlights the fundamental requirement for 2 people easily with 300 - 400 €/$ can be made. Rent, food and hygiene items included. This is not much money. This is not even enough to pay a rent in Europe.

So let us together:

- A first analysis in which situation I find myself

- What would /can I do in Thailand

- Which visa is right one for me

- How I want live in Thailand and what I need for that